John Birch Society Reboot Knoxville

Date(s) - 09/08/2020
5:45 pm - 7:30 pm

Knoxville Executive Suites Inc


New Chapter Forming, First Chapter Meeting.

RSVP at bottom of this post, please. Limited Attendance.
What is the focus of this local chapter?
1. The Constitution and Current Events
2. We are about accurate and comprehensive information.
3. We are about empowering you with tools to act!
4. We are about helping you whether you join or not.

5. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
7. We want to know what concerns you and empower you.
Please familiarize your self with the John Birch Society website prior to attending.
Here are a few quick links from the JBS website. 
Stop Out Of Control State Governments  
Top JBS Free Videos

  1. Meeting Agenda: 
    1. 5:45-5:50pm. Brief Introductions to local chapter members and attendees.
    2. 5:50-6:00pm What does this local chapter intend to accomplish in our local  communities and how will we do it?
    3. 6:00-6:30pm We will review how to use information and tools that JBS provides to impact our laws, policies and mandates at the local, State and Federal level.
    4. 6:30-6:45pm We want to hear about local projects that attendees are involved in or would like ideas or assistance forming an action plan at the local level.
    5. 6:45-7:00pm Open discussions regarding topics covered in the meeting and how you can take action now.
    6. 7:00pm            Adjourn and dismiss.
    7. 7:00-7:15pm   Mingle and say goodbyes etc.
    8. Note: This is not a membership drive. Whether you become a member of JBS or not is not our focus. We want to find those that want to make a difference, join forces and help equip them. If you become a member, you have access to additional materials but there is so much free information on the site that it is ridiculous.



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